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Benefits of Materials Exchange


with Circular Merchant

Managing the supply chain of a business is complicated. Not having the right materials at the right time means increased costs and reduced productivity. Excess materials cost money either through storage or removal. Circular Merchant holds the power to alleviate these challenges.

Looking for materials?

  • Participating in a materials exchange gives you unprecedented access to materials you need.
  • Buying through an exchange program means you’re getting reusable materials, which are more affordable and sustainable.
  • Using a state-wide program means the materials you find are close by, which saves money on shipping costs.

Have materials?

  • Participating in an exchange program helps you unload excess materials, saving storage space and cost.
  • Selling through an exchange program serves as an opportunity to earn extra money.
  • Using Circular Merchant means your excess materials are sustainably reused and recycled.
Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center
Penn State Harrisburg
777 W. Harrisburg Pike | Church Hall
Middletown, PA 17057