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Recycled glass, including process residue glass from material recovery facilities, can be reused in a number of ways in both industrial and commercial environments.

Why Buy or Recycle Glass?

Glass can be recycled, repurposed or reused many times without loss in performance. Recycled glass is often used in the food and beverage and healthcare industries due to its hygienic properties.

Glass byproducts also have many industrial applications. For example, crushed and screened glass or coarse and fine aggregates can be used for concrete applications, counter tops, decorative landscaping, highway and utility construction, onlot and municipal wastewater systems as well as sand blast abrasives.

Accepted Types of Glass

Glass Products:
Windows, mirrors, laminated glass, glass tiles, architectural glass, bottles, containers

Glass Byproducts:
Crushed and screened glass, coarse and fine aggregates, process residue glass

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