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In addition to paper recycling, there are many fiber and paper products that can be reused. Common scrap items include paper, fabric and yarn by-products. Whether as raw materials or product form, many textiles can have a second life through an exchange program.

Why Buy or Recycle Fiber/Paper Scrap?

Natural fabrics made from animal, plant or mineral materials, as well as synthetic fabrics, can be reused in many ways. For example, certain textiles can be shredded and processed, then used as insulation or filling in mattresses. Also, buying used fiber and paper material is more economical than new material.

Accepted Types of Fiber/Paper

Natural Fabrics:
Paper, wool, silk, cotton, bamboo, flax, jute, and glass fiber

Synthetic Fabrics:
Acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon

Industrial Textiles:
Leftover clothing and fabric scraps, insulation, vehicle upholstery

Consumer Textiles:
Gently used clothing and household fabrics

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